Me & computers   

  I first started to work with computers when I was 14. It was an old "HC" (Spectrum compatible), but I was amazed of how many things you can do with a computer. I soon learned "BASIC" and started to write some "computer aided teaching" programs. After that, I entered in the high school, and begin the real work. I discovered the PC's and C/C++. In the second grade was my first meeting with UNIX (SCO flavour). After a few months I come to see Linux, and fell in love with it. Since then, my goal was to be a good network administrator, because communication is what makes the world go round.

Now I ended up using Linux full time (who needs Windows anyway ? :)

You can see my Linux desktop in action here

I finnaly got a nice laptop. Here is the bootlog.
Curious how an dual processor bootlog looks like ? click here

Me, surounded by communication equipements, wearing my RedHat T-Shirt

The same room after a year

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